Our customer networks are critically important to their mission. BAI works to define requirements and identify relevant data sources that can be used to provide insight into network assets, identify dependencies, establish baselines, and provide context around events for proactive troubleshooting and remediation.


Legacy firewalls and signature based detection are becoming less effective every day. Blue teams have acknowledged the need for products that combine real-time security intelligence, mitigation, analytics, and forensics in order to deal with today’s targeted attacks. BAI works with a myriad of complimentary security platforms to provide comprehensive protection against known and unknown cybersecurity threats.


Modern day networks must change seamlessly with the needs of the business. Network Automation builds on monitoring and security to reduce the time and errors associated with provisioning network resources manually. The creation of an automated management abstraction layer provisions hardware, automates repetitive tasks, ensures continuous compliance, and enables real-time security response.


BAI has delivered distinct IT network and security solutions since 1977

BAI is a dedicated team of IT professionals focused solely on network monitoring, security, and automation. Our products and services protect government agencies and Fortune 1000 commercial accounts against targeted attacks while creating more, highly available, responsive, and automated networks.

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Micah Schaefer

Sr. Solutions Architect

Micah was previously a BAI customer and joins our team with twelve years experience designing and implementing state of the art information systems. He brings with him a well-rounded background of design, implementation, management, and monitoring of wired and wireless… Read more about Micah Schaefer

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