Enablement Packages

The IT industry is famous for making significant profit margins on lengthy service engagements. At BAI, we take a different approach

BAI Product Enablement Packages are designed to provide an optimal level of support for our customers. Our Enablement Packages focus on delivering a capability with FTTV- Fastest Time to Value. We design, implement, optimize, validate, document, and make recommendations for future growth. We train the entire team on operations and upgrade procedures, then ensure that the solution has been ‘operationalized’ and embedded in your daily process. Our ability to deploy quickly and make a difference in daily operations ensures our future in your account… we take it very seriously!

1. Knowledge Transfer (FREE)

  • [FREE]
  • All products purchased sold by BAI come with a free knowledge transfer that will help to make your team more familiar with the solution and approach. We believe an educated customer is a repeat customer- Lean on us as needed throughout the lifecycle of the product and we will always have your back.

2. Project Planning Services (PPS)

  • [2 Days]
  • Many of the accounts we service already employ some of the most talented engineers in the world- They simply need some direction on how to approach a project. Our PPS plan provides one accredited Subject Matter Expert for 2 days to oversee the most critical phase of the project- Planning.

3. Deployment/Configuration Packages (DCP)

  • [3,5,10, or 20 Days]
  • BAI provides a variety of full service deployment packages designed to quickly address product specific installations. We offer all inclusive 3,5,10,and 20 day packages to reduce cost and simplify the procurement and scheduling process. All DCP packages include travel and expenses, a full statement of work, and complete post engagement summary with recommendations on future enhancements.

4. Upgrade Support Plan (USP)

  • [2 Remote Days/Year]
  • Our USP plan was designed to simply assist customers with bi-annual software releases to ensure that updates are applied quickly and properly. Commonly purchased in addition to the manufacturers maintenance agreement, these packages are fairly inexpensive and are based on the number of systems requiring upgrade.

5. Ongoing Health Plan (OHP)

  • [6 Days/Year]
  • BAI’s ongoing health plan is an extension of the USP and provides more comprehensive ongoing support to our existing customers. In addition to assistance with bi-annual software releases, OHP helps organizations to prevent operational issues by validating configuration, recommending best practices, and assisting with proactive capacity planning and design.

6. Technology Specific Resident Engineer (TSRE)

  • [Custom]
  • Although we are committed to FTTV, some larger customers request lengthier service engagements to ensure success on critical projects. BAI addresses these projects with customized TSRE plans. We dedicate Certified Subject Matter Experts to become part of your team and to ensure you meet your business and operational objectives. This package may also be tailored to support post-engagement tasks as needed.

7. Manufacturer Training

  • In conjunction with each of our technology partners, we offer an extensive variety of local and remote training options, from hands-on lab experiences to full certification and accreditation options. Please contact your Account Manager for details and recommendations.