Evaluating Additions to the Line Card

From looking at the total addressable market to whether the new addition is a good culture fit, BAI sheds light on the formal process they take when considering an emerging cyber company as an addition to the line card. View the full session at

Nimble Storage Predictive Flash Platform

Nimble Storage Predictive Flash Platform and the Predictive Analytics of InfoSight

2015 Application Usage & Threat Report

Unit 42, the Palo Alto Networks threat intelligence team, recently released its annual Application Usage and Threat Report (AUTR), presenting an in-depth analysis of the security implications of software application usage across organizations. They identified explosive growth in the use of unauthorized, cloud-based (SaaS) applications, potentially introducing new security risks to
these organizations.

Protect Yourself Against Encrypted Attacks

Find out how the SSL Intercept appliance provides visibility into encrypted traffic so you can detect and block malware hidden inside.

Why Most Security Solutions Aren’t Enough

Learn how attackers bypass standard security solutions such as AV and firewalls and what you need to protect against today’s threats.

FireEye Threat Intelligence

Not all threat intelligence is created equal. Attackers are smart, be smarter with the right type of threat intelligence.

The Enterprise Security Platform Approach

Todays evolving threat landscape demands a new approach. Leveraging Palo Alto Networks as an integrated security platform allows customers to consolidate and extend their practice to protect against advanced threats.

Assessing Cyber Threats with User Behavior Intelligence

The Exabeam User Behavior Intelligence Platform goes beyond SIEM and log management data repositories to detect modern cyber attacks and track the entire attack chain.

Splunk For Security Vs. SIEM

What’s the difference between a traditional SIEM and Splunk for Security? Splunk’s Security Intelligence Platform, consisting of Splunk Enterprise and the Splunk App for Enterprise Security, offers a sonar view of the sea of threats to your data. Take a journey on this boat ride to find out more.

Why Splunk?

The Splunk platform harnesses your machine data, which contains a definitive record of all user transactions, customer behavior, machine behavior, security threats, system health, fraudulent activity and more to provide operational intelligence.

Protecting Against Insider Threats and Cyber Attacks

Exabeam’s big data security analytics platform helps companies leverage existing SIEM and log management repositories to detect modern cyber attacks and simplify security operations.

Advance DNS Protection

Infoblox Advanced DNS Protection provides defense against the widest range of DNS-based attacks such as volumetric, exploits, and DNS hijacking attacks.

The Gigamon Visibility Fabric™ Architecture

The Visibility Fabric™ architecture is an innovative approach that delivers pervasive and dynamic traffic visibility from across the physical and virtual network environments to centralized tools that manage, analyze and secure the network.

Security Reimagined – Technology, Intelligence, Expertise

Insight into how FireEye provides a unified defense against today’s most advanced cyber attackers.

Anatomy of an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Group

Discover the anatomy of an advanced persistent threat group.

Palo Alto Networks Approach to Advanced Threat Detection & Prevention

Follow this whiteboard session through the three steps of the Palo Alto Networks multi-layered advanced threat approach – first to reduce the attack surface, next to leverage the sandbox and advanced malware detection techniques, and finally doing static and dynamic analysis of a file to generate protections.

Riverbed 101

Riverbed delivers the most complete platform for Location-Independent Computing, turning location and distance into a competitive advantage.